Wireless Logic Group

Wireless Logic has been a pioneer in the IoT connectivity market since 2000 and is now a market-leading global solution provider. It delivers customised IoT connectivity solutions for each customer, helping them to accelerate the return on their IoT investment

The company connects applications across a wide range of sectors and businesses, and has over 6 million subscriptions active in 165 countries, with collaborative partnerships that provide reach into more than 750 mobile networks across the globe.

Its customers are as diverse as the devices they connect. Global OEMs, system integrators, solution providers, application developers, blue-chip enterprises and start-ups all trust Wireless Logic with their mission critical data.

A key strength is its experience across multi-industry sectors and applications such as agriculture, transport healthcare, security and building management, and it brings vertical sector expertise to help solutions providers integrate the best-connected solution for their project.

Xplor was selected by Wireless to configure and implement French, German and Spanish legislations to ensure compliance, streamlined processes, leading to much-improved efficiency and huge resource savings.

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