SAGE Enterprise Management HR

"Uniself currently has about 5,000 employees between staff and temporary workers. SAGE Enterprise Management together with SAGE Enterprise Management HR allowed us to secure recurring information exchanges as well as the integration between the different services." UNISELF

SAGE Enterprise Management HR is a powerful, simple and flexible human resource management software especially for those organisations looking for more efficiency and cost control when coming to manage your people.  With SAGE Enterprise Management HR, you are able to:

  • automate processes such as payroll, hiring, on-boarding and retaining talents and providing your organisation with a global and accurate view of HR budget – anytime and in real-time
  • accurately estimate work-force costs and performance and take personnel decisions based on actual data

If you are ready to bring your Human Resources forward and are looking to profit from a modern technology which is not only future-proof but also helps increase visibility and collaboration in your organisation, you are in best hands. Thanks to SAGE Enterprise Management HR’s user-centric design and self-service capabilities, your managers and employees will find it easy to find the information they need – anytime they need it and on any device.

Unlike other solutions that require complex integration, SAGE Enterprise Management HR supports all the core HR processes within one single solution which is seamlessly integrated to SAGE Enterprise Management – providing the perfect combination for mid to large-sized companies.