Kimble customers typically grow 25% faster than industry average by providing real-time information that allow business leaders to understand and remedy any underlying issues in their business

Based on the Salesforce platform, Kimble is a cloud based solution which automates professional services processes through resource planning, management information and financial forecasting – allowing your business to become more manageable and delivering efficiency, scalability and visibility – an engine for business growth and profitability.

In a single product, Kimble provides the combined functionality of separate opportunity management, professional services automation, time and expenses and financial reporting systems. Real-time diagnostics and KPI reporting gives instant visibility into the health of your business and allows you to better plan and control your future.  From sales, through delivery, to billing, Kimble will measure and accurately report your current and projected performance and facilitate the appropriate adjustments in resourcing. Deliberately designed to be configured (with no hidden customisation costs), Kimble enables rapid implementation.

Kimble will provide business change  and provide the engine for future business growth by:

  • Increasing resource utilisation through the visibility of forecast resource needs
  • Increasing revenue completeness
  • Reducing overhead costs through process automation
  • Protecting margin throughout the project lifecycle
  • Increasing employee and customer satisfaction
  • Reducing aged debt through invoicing accuracy
  • Reducing days to close each month (3 days)