Efficiency and cost reduction is key to business success; modern warehouse systems must meet the demands of the supply chain for faster turnaround times with minimal errors and better management of returns.

Datalinx Warehouse Manager EM application provides the SAGE Enterprise Management user with the latest in advanced warehouse management systems, designed and developed to deliver the key warehousing functionality organisations require. This is achieved without compromising or taking control from the SAGE Enterprise Management system at the core of the business.  Embedded within the business processes of SAGE Enterprise Management Datalinx allows the operatives in the warehouse to be wirelessly connected to SAGE Enterprise Management via dedicated Warehouse Manager screens and utilise the latest mobile devices within the warehouse environment.

By implementing Datalinx Warehouse Manager EM, you could see:

  • An increase in stock location accuracy by 25%
  • An inventory accuracy of 99%
  • An increase in the speed of picking by 25%
  • 75% stock count efficiency gains